Board of Directors & Club By-Laws

Board of Directors

President (2021-2022)Megan Brown
Vice President (2022-2023)Vicki Simmons
Secretary (2020-2022)Jennifer Johnson
Treasurer (2021-2023)Alison Umberger
Board Member (2021-2023)David Lands
Board Member (2021-2022)Tera Fauver
Board Member (2022-2024)Amanda Hutchison
Board Member (2022)Debbie MacDonald
Board Member (2022)Ellen Hillyer
Board Member (2022)Mary Richard
Youth Director (2022-2023)Kathy Catron
Futurity ChairAlison Umberger
Stallion Sale ChairMary Richard
Trail Ride ChairAnn Walker
APHA National Director-at-LargeMegan Brown (2020-2022)
APHA National Director-at-LargeJoe Majewski
APHA Alternate National DirectorVicki Simmons (2021)

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