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Point Standings

The Virginia Paint Horse Club represents show, performance, recreation and pleasure horses; breeders; trainers; novice, youth and amateur competitors; and recreation riders.

Our members reap the benefits and rewards of owning and competing on their Paint horses through our Year End Awards program. 

2017 VPHC APHA Year-end Award Program Rules and 2017 Youth & Amateur Rookie Awards Enrollment Form


2017 Year-end points have been posted and are final.  Divisions awards are listed at the top of the document and individual class hi-points are highlighted in blue.  An email along with our award catalog will be sent to our winners.

Congratulations to all of our winners.  Thank you for supporting the VPHC. 

2017 Point Standings - Final (click here)

Note: If you have any questions/edits re: points, please email  Thank you.




~ 2016 ~ 

Click here to download list of 2016 VPHC Awards List

2016 VPHC APHA Year-end Award Program Rules

~ 2015 ~

2015 Year-end Points ~ Congratulations

Click here to download list of 2015 VPHC Awards List




2014 Year End Award Banquet Program

2014 Division Hi-Point/Reserve winners - Congratulations!

2014 Point Standings by Class (click here)

~ 2013 ~

2013 VPHC Points by Division

2013 VPHC Points by Class